Welcome to the website of the
Christian Council for Monetary Justice
enquiring deeply into the nature of Jubilee and Structural Justice

Rev Canon Peter Challen, Chairman of CCMJ writes: Browse within to find the pages that take you to the next step you seek. Join us and help us to rectify the insidious distortions in our way of life, generated by usurious money creation.

CCMJ is an Open Congregation, expressing our Faith in Public Life. In our original website, there is much valuable material, which is currently under revision.

CCMJ hosts an open Global Table most Wednesdays at 12noon-2pm in central London, where we outreach to all comers on a drop-in basis. You can subscribe to receive regular bulletins from CCMJ and/or or Global Table via our Contact Form and also contribute a discussion paper for CCMJ meetings - see also Matters in the Air