CCMJ ends management of Global Table Meetings

The Global Table announces its closure from July 27th 2016

Dear Associates LGOT

Several dramatic changes have led to a decision that July 27th will be the last meeting of the London Global Open Table. CCMJ will not renew the annual contract with SES.

There are so many other initiatives with potential to contribute to the Brexit future, that it is time for us to stand back awhile. I will continue CCMJ and LGOT networking with those who wish to retain their association; but without a weekly meeting place.

That networking dialogue will be continued in the spirit of the attached statement of the purpose and process of CCMJ and LGOT, An association for the mutual support that it can encourage in the wide network of associates in their many forms of active witness in such a wide range of locations to a just society freed from usury.


Historical Note:  NB.  Crucially, since Rev Challen failed to consult key attendees at Global Table about his retirement, they cooperated in continuing to manage the weekly meetings at SES in his absence, by constituting themselves as the “Open Research Group” rather than representing CCMJ. 

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