London Global Open Table: 14th October 2015

MATTERS IN THE AIR:  14th October 2015
in which all may share as our networking prospers the cause of inclusive justice…

NEW ASSOCIATES POSSIBLY ATTENDING: Lilias Cheyne, Pam Grearly; Rosemary Hadfield, Richard Anderson and Raeto West

EVENTS – relevant contributions to or reports from such events would be welcome:

Labour Party Momentum Movement: Meeting 16th October? – – – –

REAL GLOBAL DEMOCRACY Demonstration Saturday, October 24 at 1:00pm Parliament Square:

“NATURAL LAW IN ECONOMICS” Sunday Oct 25th 10-5 at SES  20 POUNDS incl lunch

Climate Change Conference Wednesday 28th October 201543 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA 18.00 – 20.30  – UK – UPF Sustainable Development Goals Committee

ALTERNATIVE TO BARNETT REPORT Fred Harrison Friday October 30th at SES  6.30 for CEJ coalition members’ members

ST PAULS INSTITUTE  Nov. 3rd – with Mason, Pettifor, Oldfield [Theos] & Phillip Blond:

NEXT CONVENTION ON CONFEDERATION – November 7th  10.30-3.30 at St. Andrews Church Hall Short St SE1 [south off the Cut. opp Young Vic]  Register with INVITE OTHERS

Thursday 12 November, 6:30pm: 2015 annual John Stott London Lecture: Intertwined Roots: Nourishing Radical Discipleship in Today’s Global Church and World: All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. £5 including refreshments: Booking Information

Saturday 21 November 2015: The Psychology of Inspired Collective Climate Change Action (and what gets in its way) A conference – London –

REPORTS: always invited: in this week from some of our associates in the quest for inclusive justice.

33 slides on OWNERSHIP by Ed mayo

CITIZENS INCOME:  New introductory booklet available: Citizen’s Income: A brief introduction. Download it here: (To print a copy as a booklet click on the ‘booklet’ button on your computer’s pdf print screen.) Printed copies are available. A favour please: Citizen’s Income trustees are working on a new communication strategy, so if you would be kind enough to give five minutes to complete a brief questionnaire – if possible by the end of November. The results will inform the strategy as it evolves. You can start the questionnaire by clicking here

ECOMODERNISTS’ Manifesto.  Ironically, the solutions are relatively simple but require a shift of human consciousness whereas ecomodernists seem complacent in their belief that the current direction of travel will take us to “higher ground”.  The more important that we work on ‘To Use the system, to become the system, to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.” –
strong>The Four Horsemen arguing the case for systemic change in a fascinating documentary…. ihr 35 mins

Free Critical Thinking:  Until we deal with hierarchy and the fundamental flaws in the political economy, the direction of travel remains towards the abyss.

Jasper Tomlinson hoping to be with us on a Wednesday soon to catch up on Table News and his own on efficient energy and movement politics now stirring up because of Corbynomics.

Law for the Commons – Commons Transition Wiki – a first attempt to survey the more significant realms of commons-based law:

Mother Pelican: October 2015 newsletter:

P2P Foundation:  an impromptu article by Raymond Aitken = Reclaiming the Economic Surplus: – – see also:

Richard Murphy’s Blog a valuable source of up to date dialogue:  Tax Research UK – Congratulations to Richard Murphy, who reports that he has been appointed as Professor of Practice in International Political Economy in the Department of International Politics at City University. The appointment is a 0.2 position i.e. one day a week. It is salaried pro-rata and carries pro-rata teaching and research obligations.  He will be teaching a course entitled economics of the real world. See:

James Robertson Newsletter No. 52 – October 2015 Text can be viewed at  A MUST!

RUNNYMEDE GAZETTE:  September 2015:

Tikkun Daily:  Raanan Geberer: Why Are the Republicans Ignoring Bernie Sanders? posted Sep 10, 2015:  The most obvious answer about why the Republicans are virtually ignoring Bernie Sanders is that Hillary is still leading in the polls, and they expect her to be the nominee (and if not her, then Joe Biden). But there may be other answers. Read more:

TAXPAYERS AGAINST POVERTY:  Dialogue between Paul Nicolson and Fred Harrison has enabled TAP to get a serious palliative amendment to the Welfare Bill. A huge witness to the importance of collaboration – see also:

Three Articles fom the USA perspective. Any thoughts they evoke pertinent to our work would be valued.• I’m not voting for Bernie Sanders –
• Markets Gone Mad –
• Four Reasons to Anticipate PostCapitalism –

WHY “LAND” MATTERS TODAY – Roy Douglas  pub. HGFdn  See also “The taxing Question of Land” 30 min video


WE CONTINUE REFLECTING on the value of these three perspectives in our quest for inclusive justice?

1. The Christian Council for Monetary Justice [CCMJ] – examining enduring wisdom and contemporary evidence about money and its effect on society – utilising resources of the enduring wisdom like current evidence, scriptures, histories, valued publications

2. London Global Open Table[LGOT] – providing an open forum for serving a wider network with a point of weekly reference. All are welcome to send items for ‘Matters in the Air’ to indicate where our dialogue and action might take in this particular week:

3. The 2015Constitutionalists – advancing a targeted initiative by ‘principled pragmatism’ to take viable, if difficult, steps towards weaving politics and economics – governance and vital trading – into a Peoples Political Economy of Trusteeship, set in Harmony with Nature.  NEWSCASTS each Monday on alternate between understanding systemic change and reporting on issues that must find hard-coding for their inclusive contribution to the whole system. TheNewscast appears on the Home page on Mondays and is then also on Youtube.
Aug 17 ‘Why are those People so Small’ –
Aug 10 Newscast: ‘Principled Pragmatism’ –
See list of podcasts to date: 2015 CONSTITUTIONALISTS NEWSCASTS
The 2015 Constitutionalists Charter is an incremental, imperfect process of evolving a People’s Political Economy of Inter-Generational Trusteeship in Harmony with Nature. See the Introduction to the Project, which is subject to ongoing amendment.  See also the latest draft of the 2015C Compendium of Constitutionalists thinking and Glossary of words and their usage: – please respond with suggestions to improve this..

Inevitably there is overlap between each mode of approach.  Each and all add richness to our searching.

‘REALITY IS NI’  Reality is Natural Inclusiveness, in all bit parts, ubiquitous energy, creative dialogue suffusing the cosmos.  Some nutshell it so simply in love of both God and Neighbour; one God and every neighbour to be sure.  So not so simple after all, so a big question hangs over us in that tough and honorable pursuit.  Do you stone the devil while on retreat, or love your enemies on every street,the one too easy, the other so, so hard?

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