The Kingdom at Work Bulletin 7: February 2016

Christian Faith and the Economy

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Editorial:  This Bulletin draws together summaries of a number of books, or sections of books, which explore the relation between Christian faith and the economy. The aim is to provide an overview of recent attempts to address the question of what Christian faith has to offer in understanding and shaping the future of a global market economy which is currently failing in many ways to enhance the well-being of humankind …. David Clark (Project Co-ordinator):
Page 3  Peter Sedgwick – The Market Economy and Christian Ethics
Page 4:  Richard Higginson – Faith, Hope & the Global Economy
Page 5:  John Atherton – The Wealth, Wellbeing and Inequalities of Nations
Page 6:  David Clark – The Kingdom at Work Project
Page 7:  Eve Poole – Capitalism’s Toxic Assumptions
Page 8:  Jeremy Kidwell (editor) – Theology and Economics
Page 10: Barbara Ridpath, Director, St Paul’s Institute – ‘What are we working for?’
Page 11-12: Other notable contributions, including:

What helps disciples grow? Celebration and Exploration Event – St Pater’s Saltley Trust (working with the Kingdom at Work Project):  Over the last year, we have been working with churches across the West Midlands to find out how Christians talk about their own calling, growth and journeys of faith. We have surveyed over 1300 individuals in around 30 churches of different denominations. On 19 April, 2016 we will be reflecting on this research with an open event in central Birmingham. This is an opportunity to: • learn from and reflect on this research and allied work • explore the implications and possibilities for the individuals and the churches or networks to which they belong • consider next steps, for practice and research. For more information and to secure a place, contact: or fill in and return the booking form available at:

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