CCMJ AGM: Sat 24th Sept 2016: Updated Agenda

Saturday 24th September 2016, 11.30am-3.30pm, at Magdalene Hall, St Mary’s Church, Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BN – nearest tube Euston.

1. Apologies and Introductions, appointment of chair for this meeting.

2. To receive preparatory papers, including notes of last year’s Annual Appraisal, the retiring chairman’s submission for the 2016 annual appraisal. These papers are available on

3. To receive a FINANCIAL REPORT from Acting Treasurer Peter Challen: “The CCMJ account closed 3/8/2016. I hold £349.46 in readiness for any new account opened. This includes Bob Alder’s donation. The only other donations in 2016 were from Wayne Sturgeon, Eriwen Harbottle, Colin Whitmill and an earlier one from Bob Ardler. The account had managed only a few hundred a year since the last high activity in sponsoring the 12 Quilligan meetings and that burst broke even”.

4. To receive and vote on nominations for the Committee of CCMJ and/or for specific officer posts: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary.


5. Future activities for CCMJ: collaborative discussion in-the-round on with reference to its constitution – see latest version: – and whether effecting change in the running of the organisation would require changes to the constitution:

Items submitted by Gian Andreone
5.1. Code of Conduct
5.2. Register of Interests
5.3. Appraisal of links to other organisations
5.4. Non politically aligned
The first four items deal with the issue of co-option (by errors of omission/commission) into agendas which are deterimental to a CCMJ that seeks to genuinely reform the monetary system.

5.5. Change of Name and/or Scope: Consideration should be given to a name change, which is particularly relevant if the scope of work is widened into system reform – to be presented by Simon.

5.6. Data Protection: Policy in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. The CCMJ members area includes personal data submitted by each member (which must remain optional). There needs to be a DPP as a consequence of this.

5.7. Paper submitted by Rev Canon Peter Challen: OVERVIEW of Michael Hudson’s book On_Biblical_Traditions_of_Old_and_New_Testments – see full text:

7. A.O.B

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