Report of recent conference on ESCHATOLOGY

Dear associates of the informal Christian Council for Monetary Justice,

In wishing you all refreshing celebrations, I enclose for your present reading if quiet periods allow in these days of refreshment – or for your resource bank if you await the appropriate right time for reflection – three attachments that have reached me this week from associates in our rich network of inclusive justice seekers,

1. Report on recent ecumenical conference on ESCHATOLOGY initiated by some of our associates: eschatology-report-2016

2. Jesus is not the reason for the season: jesus-not-reason-for-season

3. The Christmas Story is Political: the-christmas-story-is-political

Forgive me if there is duplication of this report.

Yours from my new setting in the Surrey Hills, but with Wednesdays [12- 2] still in open forum in London – by arrangement re the venue

Democracy is the art of thinking independently together
and in the UK there is a way of making it achievable

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