CCMJ and ICUK – can we strengthen the link in 2018?

Dear CCMJ associates,

As a new year opens up I share a succinct indication of why CCMJ thinking and collaboration has led recently to the exploration of ‘AN INTEGRATED SOCIAL-POLITCAL-ECONOMY OF TRUSTEESHIP [IN THE CO-EVOLUTION OF PLANET EARTH].’

Richard Rohr writes this morning,  2-1-18: “Christianity has far too easily called individual, private behaviors sins while usually ignoring or even supporting structural and systemic evils such as war, colonization, corporate greed, slavery, and abuse of the Earth. All of the seven capital sins were admired at the corporate level and shamed at the individual level. This left us utterly split in our morality, dealing with symptoms [palliatives] instead of causes [curatives], shaming people while glorifying systems that were themselves selfish, greedy, lustful, ambitious, lazy, prideful, and deceitful. We can’t have it both ways. Evil lurks powerfully in the shadows, in our unconscious complicity with systems that serve us at others’ expense. It has created worldviews of entitlement and privilege that were largely unrecognized until rather recently.” the italics are mine.

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We believe this modelling is a result of taking seriously the constant refrain, ‘Thy Kin[g]dom come, thy will be done ringing out ritualistically whenever the Lord’s Prayer is recited.  As far as we can trace, for all the calls for systemic change, this is the only emergent modelling that we can find.

Peter Challen:

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