Three Valuable Articles

To Associates of CCMJ and ICUK

The current newsletter from Living Spirituality Connections has two pithy articles, on ‘Cosmic Consciousness‘ and ‘The Emerging Church‘ which are vital aspects of our attempting to re-imagine and then model an integrated ‘people’s social-political-economy of trusteeship in the co-evolution of planet earth. The link is here:

and the current KOSMOS Journal fortifies the paradigm shift we need in We Are Bio-Cosmic Beings Learning to Live in a Living Universe By Duane Elgin:  Our view of the Universe profoundly impacts how we live in the world. If we think we live in a Universe that is comprised of non-living particles without meaning and purpose, then it makes sense to exploit that which is dead on behalf of ourselves, the most visibly alive. Alternatively, if we have direct experiences of connecting with the aliveness in nature and the world around us, then it is natural to respect and care for the countless expressions of aliveness.” READ MORE →

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