Great Truths held in Common

Dear Associates of CCMJ, The  daily readings from CAC – the Centre for Action and Contemplation – have been touching on the essence of the great faith traditions. Each day has some pithy expression of great truths held in common despite the use of different metaphors. From the last few days the thoughts below emerge and lead us into a basic aspect of the initiative of the Independent Constitutionalists UK [ICUK]:

• Life is not a singular thing’
• I Am what I Am / I will be whatever I will be / God as flowing energy is all that is.
• Each of us is a keeper of I AM in our own locale.
• Biblical Tradition stays with human reality and possibility of the trend from ‘ego – to – ‘transformation’ – to – ‘regression’ and the necessary need again and again of the role [your/my role] of the Prophet
• Self-serving, self-perpetuating, self-promoting enters without the prophetic critique/criticism in a life of the tensions purity/immaturity, advancement/regression, best/worst.
• As Prophets we disrupt the usual social consensus, the culture’s conditioning
• God is the only absolute and ever unfolding energy and truth. It is incarnate in humanity – that in being ‘in Christ’.
• Imperfection is the pattern that draws forth the divine mercy.
• This all reinforces the reality that there is no singular/autonomous life.
• Ubuntu – ‘I am because we are’ is the root of the quest in ICUK. [] which I hope you will visit [again] as it slowly evolves.

  • all this informs our universalism
    Make your comments , ask your questions – please, Peter

Take a swim whenever you can!!   …………. ‘There’s something meditative about being close to the water: it reminds me that I’m a little electrochemical being who needs to be earthed. The sea lets me discharge whatever electrical currents are in my brain.” from Resurgence 31-8-18
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