New Year – New Challenges

Dear CCMJ Associates and Friends,

The new year is under way with a new need for urgency in relating our faith and witness to the realities of the distressed Public Life we are all subtly conditioned to pursue, for example:

1. You may have picked up that the London Global Open Table [LGOT] has ceased to meet… and that therefore its weekly ‘Matters in the Air’ report has ended. CCMJ started LGOT and much has grown from that Forum in its 15+ plus years of its extensive networking. For this CCMJ list, intermittent notes will still flow to you unless you ask to be removed from this bulk mailing.

We will report on the valuable range of continuity flowing from this history soon; not least on the importance of for its profound potential for a renewed ‘political-economy’ in the UK.

2. Please note a remarkable hour by Brian Cox on BBC4 10-1-19 on the ‘Wonders of life” It raised two challenges:-

• “Institutions that do not constantly strive to renew themselves in the light of gathered knowledge [about the ‘wonder of life] will eventually start going backwards.” We all know something of the initial drive of institutions… and then the drag that builds up in the face of unparalleled rates of change.
• There is a massive challenge to Christians to relate Cox’s erudite and beautifully illustrated description of Quantum Physics and the Laws of Thermodynamics to the language in which we habitually use the scriptures and the history of faithful witness. Richard Rohr’s CAC’s daily meditations are a huge aid in this task:

image-2Any comments on these points in our shared
Covenant of Trusteeship of  Planet Earth would be of great value – A key guideline for collaboration has been for us “That nothing is impossible if we don’t mind who gets the credit.” Act on that insight and we’ll move forward. Perhaps this image will help trigger thoughts on learning to exercise our common humanity:-

3. A weekly focus on MUTUAL EDUCATION FOR INCLUSIVE JUSTICE will continue on Wednesdays, 12- 2 in central London, attendance on request or by invitation. That condition is so that the valuable two hour short session has a specific topic to examine in breadth and depth. Notice will be given of each week’s topic, so that email contributions can be sent in for distillation in relation to our collaborative and comprehensive task: We are tackling a Curative collaborative task beyond the dying system, which we must together all learn to challenge. This task of co-learning and co-operative witness needs to run in parallel with our own valuable personal Palliative drive still within that dying system.


That BOTH/AND relationship is hard to
communicate and harder to sustain. It’s on that
tough challenge that the weekly forum and its network will concentrate.

Yours in our shared service of this sacred planet

Peter Challen

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