Plant Wisdom’s Greatest Hits

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If you’re in a educative watching frame of mind, here’s a list of Plant Wisdom’s greatest hits…
Some are original, some are gems we found along the way. Prepare to have your view of life on this planet changed forever…

=== Plant Wisdom’s greatest hits ===

Rosita Arvigo: 40+ years of healing plant study in the Mayan world

Jeremy Narby: Intelligence in nature

Rocio Alarcan: Insights from the healing forest

Elliot Cowan: Plant Spirit Medicine

The spirit of plans and healing: Baba Rahsan Abdul Hakim

James Duke: The potential of cannabis as medicine

Ancient wisdom modern practices: Rosita Arvigo and Michael Balick

Gene Logsdon: The Contrary Farmer

Tama Matsuoka Wong: Creating food meadows

Dina Falconi: Foraging and festing

Klaus Ferlow: A miraculous tree grows in India, Africa – and Florida

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