Report from Positive Money meeting

Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 at 13:23
Subject: Last night’s Positive Money meeting and banking
To: Positive Money Hackney

Hi Alexi
Thanks for last night and creating the opportunity for a discussion on banking.  You invited me to suggest a topic to present at a future meeting and I’ve reflected further.

Critical Thinking’s analysis suggests that control of money is the crucial lever for change and while the Positive Money agenda has been successful in highlighting the problem of bank created debt money, it doesn’t address for the collusion between global and central banks under the control of relatively few people.  Consequently, it may be useful for me to present something on this topic.  I’m happy for you to decide on the title but something along the lines of: Control money to control the world or Banking rules; what can we do about it? Anyway, let me know what you think and a prospective date.

Meanwhile, I would strongly recommend a book by the late Stephen Goodson who served as a director of the South African Reserve Bank who quipped, “the South African Reserve Bank is neither South African, nor does it have reserves“:

Clive Menzies

We can be confined by fear, ignorance, arrogance or ideology
Or we can liberate ourselves and each other through co-creative learning

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