London Global Table Sept 11th Aug. 2013

London Global Table Sept 11th Aug. 2013

We meet 12 – 2 in Room 2:1 *[no food or drink permitted]* of the SES, 11 Mandeville Place W1U

 ‘MATTERS IN THE AIR’ ………some of which participants could choose to develop…..


– Initiatives with which we engage
– Fundamentals of a sane economy  –
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Visitors to welcome in the next few weeks: Dawood Alaeeur, Mauritius;  *Eoin McCarthy* from Worcester and the Quaker Business Group is with us on the 18th as is also *Tony Crawford*, who  encloses a video link to a card game that scores the Global Credit Crunch. Good if you viewed it in advance. Smith, Meltdown!


a] In the Summer of 2013, the CEJ commissioned a documentary to discuss the relevance of LVT in the UK.  ‘The Taxing Question of Land’ was screened at the RSA in September 2013, and very well received.  It can be viewed on this website – immediately below.

*b] ‘Shattering mental categories’ – a penetrating and timely new book – ‘Exploring Earthiness- the reality and perception of being human today‘ by Anne Primavesi – see attachment. *

c] Autumn Positive News is out and includes –the attached report on the Disruptive Finance Policy of the Financial Innovation Lab. plus ‘The colour of your money  and eight ways to help change the economy’ see *attachment*

d] Mother Pelican – Journal of Sustainabuility – September 2013 –

e] By Ellen Brown The Leveraged Buyout of America Giant bank holding companies now own airports, toll roads, and ports; control power plants; and store and hoard vast quantities of commodities of all sorts. They are systematically buying up or gaining control of the essential lifelines of the economy. How have they pulled this off, and where have they gotten the money?

f] Interest Free Money – Interest is a systemic driver of inequality and environmental destruction (see Economics to save our civilisation) but many find it difficult to imagine how interest free money would be controlled. The Critical Thinking project proposes a democratically accountable central monetary authority, independent of the government of the day, to issue and control money according to needs of the economy (ie. to fund infrastructure as Guernsey did in the 1820s, public services and a citizens income). In response to the recent Daily Pickings article House the homeless or save the bankers?, Frank, who produces the Runneymede Gazette, offered a paper on a technique for managing the interest free money supply. THE FINANCING OF PUBLIC INVESTMENT BY INTEREST-FREE CAROUSEL

g] Runnymede Gazette Au’13 see Attachment

h] Rory Bremnar on where did all the money go it is worth  listening to. He gets right to the heart of the matter and seems to be able to cover in a simple way what we would hope the Economists at the BBC would be putting across.

i] We are examining the basic understanding of ‘Ethical Investment’ with a view to contributing to a special edition on ‘Ethical Investment’ of a weekly journal ‘ – any comment on the philosophical and theological roots of ‘investment’ would be gratefully received..


a]  Getting at the roots of problems

b]  How the world works in a 2 min video ending with the punch line – Unless we understand that the whole earth is our homeland’ ; – []

c] Your money is not safe – Ellen Brown


a] Campaign Lab is a 9-month programme for economic justice campaigners to build their knowledge, campaigns and community. It’s a collaboration between with PIRC, nef and Finance Lab and Common Cause is on the curriculum! Applications are open until 9th September for pairs from ten organisations, ideally a mixture of NGOs, trade unions, faith groups and grassroots groups. You can read more on the website as well as testimonies from some of the people on the last course (including 38 Degrees, Unite, The Quakers and more).

b] *Optimising Decision Outcomes [*Quaker Business Method* ]-  Wed, 18th Sept. 6 for 6.30 until 8.30, at *Friends House, Euston<>


a] Dear supporter of the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign,  Wild West stalemate: Simpol explained in new animated video – A new animated video giving an easy explanation of Simpol can now be viewed at  A Wild West stand-off is the metaphor for the dilemma governments find themselves in as they attempt to tackle global problems while still keeping their national economies competitive.  Created by Integral Information Architecture, Simpol invites other animators to try their hand! fine 3.30min  video on the importance and approach of SIMPOL

b] UTube Story of Our Unenslavement

c] Jubilee Debt Campaign activists call for ‘life before debt’ –

d] Land Justice Stewardship

e] This is a proposal the New Economics Party has been working on for some time. There are sure to be aspects think about.. This is a long slideshow, but covers the field of why and how we suggest introducing a new working, moving currency at national level. It is introduced slowly so as not to shock the economy. It is introduced by Treasury as Tax Credits to pay for land. It could be thought of as a first home buyers policy or mortgage relief policy. Its aim is to reform the money system and to gradually take land out of the market place. It is of course advocating the unthinkable, a second national currency, brought in parallel with the existing one.**

f] *Life-enhancing leadership<>   – *how to inspire commitment and shared responsibility in the places we ive and work.  *Tuesday 22nd October 6pm to 9pm.* Led by Table associates Esther Ridsdale and Patrick Andrews. This is an introduction to a body of work, including architecture, human systems dynamics and flow, that examines the conditions where people naturally connect with what’s important in their work and life.  We will explore how to create these conditions and to inspire personal resourcefulness, shares responsibility and co-creation in our workplaces and communities.

g] and  @ChrisMusForum<>   *Julian Bond, Director, Christian Muslim Forum  * You may be interested in a finance event we are holding with +Peter Selby and Tarek at ****St Paul ****’s on 5 November.

h ] If you have not seen this, it is worth a watch. Talk about a traumatised city!  Requiem for Detroit: BBC iplayer-  (Available until 1:14AM Wed, 18 Sep 2013)**

i]  ??????????????????????????? Name other interests we should share.   Always glad, indeed eager, to have responses from the Table’s extensive network

God is – Realised Energetic Potential
First principle – Know the gifted universe like the back of your hand
Second principle – Love discovering the right relationship of all its parts
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