The Oneness of Creation

Dear associates, near and far, of CCMJ,

Reflecting on the ‘oneness of creation’, with the aid of Richard Rohr’s daily meditations, I tried to summarise the faithful insight as shortly as possible! Can you state it even more precisely?

Note first : That the Aramaic provenance of ‘Kingdom of God’ is ‘Companionship in Empowerment.’ That’s a fine summary of living ‘in Christ’ – always and all-ways; Jesus being an endurable inspiring example at a point in time.

Then…………. THE UNIVERSAL CHRIST [the manifestation of creative reality] IS THE ETERNAL AMALGAM OF MATTER AND SPIRIT AS ONE.

The Body of the Christ is not out there or over there; it’s in you—it’s here and now and everywhere. The goal is then to move beyond oneself and recognize that what’s true in you is true in all others too. This is not pantheism; it is the much more subtle and subversive panentheism, or God in all things.

Incarnation is first of all announcing an objective and universal truth. Participating in the Christ allows me to know that I don’t matter at all, and yet I matter intensely—at the same time! That’s the ultimate therapeutic healing.

This is “Ontological holiness” as opposed to the moral holiness most of us were taught: inside of which no one really succeeds.

That is why Love of God AND of Neighbour make for the inseparable, single expression of the genuine humanity we seek to exercise each day, in every way.


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