Sharing the Message of the Universal Christ

Dear Friends,

Just five weeks ago Richard Rohr’s book “The Universal Christ” was published. Since then we have been overwhelmed by the response! The book made it to #11 in Hardcover Nonfiction in The New York Times’ list. This forgotten ancient vision—of God’s presence in every created thing — can heal and restore our relationships, churches, and politics — Richard Rohr

Anne Lamott called the book life-changing. Adam Phillips said, “I weep tears of joy, relief and trust. Because in my guts, I knew that all along—I just didn’t have words for it.” Kaitlin Curtice included it in a Lenten reading list to “Decolonize Your Faith.” Others are sharing their own insights and perspectives on the cosmic, universal Christ. Watch short videos from CAC teacher Barbara Holmes and board member Alexie Torres-Fleming. Find additional video reflections and articles at

Richard writes: The Christ Mystery is indeed “the way, the truth, and the life,” but this is not about a religion or group one can join (which is how we have heard it), but rather a mystery of Incarnation that can be experienced by all, and in a million different ways. Thank you for helping us grow the universal Body of Christ! The manifestation of cosmic meaning no less…………………..


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