Mother Pelican: July 2019

Please share any matters of pertinence to our initiatives from this rich resource that you are able to identify, so we all benefit from many perspectives in our search for insight and action in achieving inclusive justice. Peter

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Mother Pelican ~ A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability
Volume 15, Number 7, July 2019


Why Greta Thunberg’s Leadership of the Environmental Movement is so Important,
by Magdalena Burtan
Degrowing the Population?, by Kumar Bhattacharyya
Civilisational Collapse Has a Bright Past – But a Dark Future, by Luke Kemp
Escaping Extinction through Paradigm Shift, by Nafeez Ahmed
What Do You Actually Lose If The Stock Market Crashes?, by Carmine Gorga
Resource Taxation as an Alternative Method for Diversifying the Revenue of Developing Countries, by Marta Milewska
Solidarity Economy Roads ~ Chapter 1 – What is Solidarity Economy?,
by Luis Razeto Migliaro
The Reality of Climate Change, by Jody Tishmack
The Bioenergy Delusion, by Katja Garson
Regenerating Gaia: Imagine a Peaceful Rebellion that Regrows Nature, by Glen Barry
For an Education that Sees Children as More than ‘Human Capital’, by Peter Moss
Vertical Literacy: Reimagining the 21st-Century University, by Otto Scharmer
Economics 101 and Ecological Collapse, by Edward Fullbrook
Energy Descent, by Carlos Cuellar Brown
Who, or What, Will Stop the Battle against Biodiversity?, by Andrew Nikiforuk
Envirocidal: How Livestock Farming is Killing the Planet, by Brendan Montague
The Farms of the Future, by Isabel Marlens
Avoiding Extinction: Participation in the Nested Complexity of Life,
by Daniel Christian Wahl
Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Propose Boycott, by Marianne Brooker
Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse, by Margarita Mediavilla
Women in International Development, by Ruth Smith
Moving Into and Out of Patriarchy ~ A Book Review of “Why Does Patriarchy Persist?”, by Michael Johnson
Laudato Si’ and the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, by Scott Wright
One Human Nature, One Common Flesh, One Common Home, by Luis Gutiérrez

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