NEF’s Bold Initiative

Dear Associates in the search for inclusive justice. 
If you are a member of the New Economics Foundation [NEF} you will have just received their bold  The New Economics Zine – People. Planet. Power – to build an economy that works for everyone.’ A valuable collection of serious appraisals and another aspect of the gathering momentum behind the search for the mega-narrative of inclusiveness now slowly but steadily finding a shape for the Common Good. If your mind is full of serious anticipation and your finger poised above the keys,  then note the invitation on the penultimate page to contribute to the next issue.
If you are not a member please consider becoming one and asking for a copy of the above.

NOTE also the value of such other fast expanding networks such as  • Taxpayers Against Poverty • XR: Extinction Rebellion • Deep Adaptation • ‘The Emerging Church’ via CAC, Richard Rohr’s Institute of articulate reflections on to universalism • 3LM • Mother Goose quarterly gathering of essays • Evolutionary Transformation Gp • Tax Justice Network • Tom Butler’s ASTRAEA • Critical Thinking • SIMPOL • ICUK – and many more, of some of which you may wish to tell us all about in  brief detail.  

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