The London Global Table – Dec 12th 2012

Wednesdays 12noon-2pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ. From Bond Street tube, turn left/west into Oxford Street, when you see GAP, go right/north along James Street straight into Mandeville Place – No. 11 is the building with pillars last on the left.

‘MATTERS IN THE AIR’ which participants could choose to develop…..

“My sense of mission with The London Global Open Table is to provide an experience that we are and always have been inextricably connected. All of us, without exception. I suspect we don’t often manage this, but I do believe we raise at least the flicker of a notion that we are inextricably connected. And, that we are so much more than the events of our own lives.”

Welcome to any first timers or returners. Peter Dominy, John Egan and ???
Canon Peter Dominy will be carrying a few copies of his new book, — ‘DECODING MAMMON – FOREWORD AND CONTENTS.’ Please read my attached foreword, contents and recommendations to the book to understand its importance to those who wish to examine the grip of money on our culture and have a succinct review of much of the history of the long understood need for money reform.


a] PETER S DOMINY’S BOOK IS OUT – AND SOME COPIES AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY at £12 – a notable event in CCMJ’s 50th year celebration of the Dundee Report – see my foreward, other recommendations and the contents in the attachment – more details to follow

b] Any reports from Bristol conference [8th] on Alliance formation? ACT – now!!! 

c] Spring Conferences  Jan 26th , April 6 – May 4th – June 1st put in your diaries and watch for details

d] Charles Eisenstein in conversation with Satish Kumar – Friday 11th January at Gaia Fdn. in Hampstead. , visit GaiaFdn website

g] How to do Chanukah and Christmas in a time of crisis – discussion

h]  POSITIVE MONEY – Volunteers Wanted – Conference We are looking for volunteers to help us at the3rd annual Positive Money Conference “Modernising Money” that will take place in London on Sat 26th January. We need photographers, facilitators, cameramen, and video-editors. Please contact us:


a] Rodney Shakespeare on Press TV


Some valuable summaries of present scene in James Robertson Newsletter No. 39 – December 2012

b] A Public Bank for Scotland Could Ensure Economic Sovereignty

c] Keep in touch with SIMPOL and help in their campaign of recruitment. The Simpol-UK blog was 2 years old last week 🙂

Simpol – An Intro–

Michel Bauwens on open value accounting networks, Category:P2P Accounting – P2P Foundation | @scoopit

My heart is moved by all I cannot save: so much has been destroyed
I have to cast my lot with those who age after age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world.
‘Natural Resources’, Adrienne Rich
For a fairer, replenishable world economy we need to address the three fundamental drivers of inequality: private land ownership, interest based money and lack of a basic income.

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