Open Letter to the Global Ecumenical Community

Dear Associates of the open Christian Council for Monetary Justice, [CCMJ] and others you are able to contact.

Further to the earlier report of a challenge re System Change put to the WCC comes this attached report on the gathering of more than 250 signatories. I relay it in the hope that you can utilise it to gather more momentum behind the challenge it makes to our prophetic responsibilities, not least when evidence of pastoral care accumulates daily.

Among the sample of signatories appended to the letter, I spotted only six from the UK.   Can you add yours and encourage more- via Martin Gück – Kairos Europa e.V. <>? Do you have knowledge of the UK reps on WCC to contact?

Please report to this network any other initiatives in this kind with which you are familiar. It is so urgent a matter to collaborate rather than repeat or compete severally.

Yours in the great new opportunity for pastoral/ prophetic drive at both the local and the global levels that C19 has thrust upon us all.  
Peter Challen <>

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Martin Gück – Kairos Europa e.V. <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 at 12:45
Subject: Open letter to the global ecumenical community: “Not misreading the signs of the times!”
To: Kairos Europa e.V. <>

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues and friends,

Many thanks for signing the Open Letter to the global ecumenical community “Not misreading the signs of the times!”. We are extremely pleased that more than 250 people are already supporting the open letter as first signatories. Please find attached an abridgement of the long list of first signatories plus the updated version of the Open Letter which had to be changed because of the postponement of the WCC central committee meeting (and thus the election of the new general secretary) from March to August this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This postponement now gives us more time to put the Open Letter prominently on the agenda of the ecumenical movement. To this end, we would like to ask you, as first signatories, for the following collaboration and support:
– Please circulate the Open Letter as widely as possible in your respective contexts – among like-minded colleagues as well as among local congregations and regional and national church leadership – and try to initiate debates about it, possibly at all levels;
– Please reach out to the WCC central committee members of your church or region and seek support for the concerns of the Open Letter;
– Please try to promote the Open Letter and its concerns through websites and/or press releases or articles in local, regional or national church media.

If we succeed in gaining attention and support for the Open Letter in as many places in the world as possible in the coming months, this could very well prepare the ground for the ecumenical movement to recommit itself with a prophetic spirit and great determination for life in fullness for all. The present situation of our globe in the wake of the spread of the corona virus clearly reveals once again that our world is indeed in need of a fundamental transformation – including a transformed WCC and ecumenical movement, living up to the enormous challenges of our time.

For your further information: On the Kairos Europa website ( you will find all four language versions of the Open Letter (English, French, Spanish, German) and the corresponding versions of the “Wuppertal Declaration”. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, suggestions, etc. Cordial greetings from locked-down Heidelberg/Germany,

Martin Gück
Kairos Europa e.V.
im WeltHaus | Willy-Brandt-Platz 5 | 69115 Heidelberg
Fon: 06221-800255 | Mobil: 0176-54471059
E-mail: |

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