The Social Artist: Spring 2020

A reminder about the value of the  The Social Artist. The highly pertinent current edition is on line via  Home page, right hand column and Latest Journal.

Note, for instance a careful summary under ‘Don’t let Money Wreck the World. Note also a very thoughtful review of ‘Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence.

A reminder of this important source of research and current reflection. The Social Credit movement was founded by Guild Socialist A.R. Orage and financial expert Clifford Hugh Douglas. In the immediate aftermath of the crisis of World War I, men and women of all walks of life sought to understand how the financial system could operate to create such devastation. A large part of the vast literature flowing from the social credit movement has been digitalised, and is available electronically via the website:

Over the past three decades, the worldwide web has developed, bringing instant communications, AI and robots into our very homes. Our website has been developed in parallel, offering access to new and second hand hard copy books and periodicals. The website also offers an archive of solid progressive thought on the workings of the financial system and its command over policy formation.

“If we want to achieve a different society where the principle of money operates equitably, if we want to abolish the power money has over people historically, and position money in relationship to freedom, equality, fraternity … then we must elaborate a concept of culture and a concept of art where every person must be an artist” …Joseph Beuys

Subscribers are requested to note that the address for all business related to KRP Limited and The Social Credit Secretariat is: PO Box 322, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 OYE (UK)

Dr Frances Hutchinson (Chair), Rev Bryony Partridge, Keith Hutchinson, Richard Haselgrove, Linda Scotson, J.A. Murray McGrath, Anne Goss, Rev Karin Medboe, Anita Gregory, Dr Maria Lyons
• Telephone: 01535 654230/60035 • •

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