System Change and Altruism

Dear Associates in seeking inclusive justice, System Change and Altruism are entering ever wider circles of thought. How will coherent action on both evolve?
As System Change becomes, at last, an issue of widening public debate and exploration, this network has largely dealt in correspondence and occasional mapping or evocative broken text. But there is now much exchange by video.
Yesterday I hit upon Tom Butler’s   Reality Bites: Corona, Capitalism, Life and Death in 19 minutes of eloquence from a well-grounded place in Ireland. [A pity that he isolates science from philosophy and religion – all of which stem from searching out the primal vision of reality and need to heed each other]
Tom has been posting on the subject of systems change for some time. You can view the collection here in which he has given a lively and literally well-grounded lead.
 Yours in our work for an inclusive system premised in altruism – Peter

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