Ascension Day Reminder – plus Responses

A reminder on Ascension Day of a CCMJ piece that Faith in Business published in 1999 – where are we today?

Dear CCMJ Associates,
I have just hit upon this quotation from Faith In Business – – in Spring 1999: Preview YouTube video Life. What is it? Reflections from the garden
1. Consider how little effect the challenge had then
2 Ask yourself how each clause should be expressed and acted out today
3. Please report any progress of which you are aware, or in which you partake.
There is so much extant deep thought and clear expression from individuals now, but so little collaborative work on the creation of a critical mass for serious systemic change.
Yours, Peter
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Followup – 22nd May 2020:
These responses were to my introduction, above.

1.  Perhaps nowadays people are moved by video, as reading has been depreciated by technology.  Remember the 80s song “video killed the radio star”? … This morning’s thoughts … [11 eloquent minutes on the flow of life and death and the consciousness of our species amidst all others

2. “The last remark was very telling. At one level we appear to have come a long way and there is evidence of change, but at another level, there is no joined-up thinking, and no critical mass to enable systematic change.”

3. We are launching this on Saturday June 20 2020: ESCHATOLOGY  COVID19  GLOBAL LOCKDOWN FIAT CURRENCY CRISIS AND GOLD:   

4. From Tax Research: The economy of the future is going to be nothing like that of the past: imagining what it might be is the most pressing thing we could do now.

5. From U.S. Montclaire State Centre for Cooperative Media:

6. Awareness of natural inclusion replaces the abstract concept that life is driven and controlled by external force and constraint with the comprehensive percept that life is inspired and co-ordinated by receptive influence from within and responsive energy flow from all around. We are liberated from a stifling ‘control box’ paradigm of hierarchical power into a creative evolutionary flow paradigm of continuous transformation. I see the awakening of this awareness in a new generation as vital to our recovery and resurgence from the global psychological, social, economic, environmental and medical crisis that has arisen from what I refer to as ‘The Great Lie’, which has alienated individual and group human identity from its natural neighbourhood.

7. The Next System Project: “The global spread of COVID-19 has shone a bright spotlight on both the vital need for reliable high-speed internet and the inadequacies of the for-profit, corporate model in delivering it,” begins a new joint report by The Democracy Collaborative and the British think tank Common Wealth. The report details a set of policies that can be enacted in both the United States and the United Kingdom based on “new approaches to ownership and control” of the digital infrastructure that underpins the 21st-century economy. These include treating the wireless spectrum, cloud infrastructure, and the rollout and maintenance of fiber optic connections and 5G wireless as vital 21st-century public goods, underpinned by democratic ownership and governance. Read the report.

Followup – 24th May 2020:
These further responses were to my introduction, above.

8. Last paragraph from the editorial of Tax Justice Network’s latest report: “If we do not unite climate justice with economic justice, tax justice, racial justice and gender justice, those worried about the end of the month will become the enemies of those worried about the end of the world. The result will be an environmental, economic and political catastrophe.” –

9. No one is safe until everyone is safe; no one of us can be fully human until all have dignity in being human.

10. From an American associate: What a heady draught of common sense, and Christian uplift, is this list of 8 command-ments . All of these alerts are as relevant today as they were 22 or 220 years ago, but now even more essential as we face the aftermath of this pandemic with two options: ‘business’ as usual, or a rethinking and overturn of the global order, including finance, as we now know it.  I hope for the latter, but fear about the former. To me the most eloquent of these directives is # 5: Fifth, explore the ancient wisdom of secular and religious traditions, almost everywhere, that ‘money making money’ is prostitution of Aristotle’s great economic notion, ‘money is the means of exchange not the mother of interest’; usury must end.
I shudder to think  how much all of us who are prosperous benefit from the first shibboleth “money making money” without attention to Aristotelian wisdom, which is also its own logic, in making money only “the means of exchange”.  As you know, my Muslim friends are keen to limit usury, as it is forbidden in the Qur’an, and I find it comforting, as also challenging, that our Ascension Day comes the day before their holiest day, Id al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, tomorrow.  
Thanks for sharing your friend’s commendations, and I hope that he, along with his wife, get better after their car accident, but also that those of us now sharing his insight may follow the difficult yet necessary reflection on our own interests that he so starkly urges us to do.”    ‘So’, adds an intermediary ‘not only is there a little kick in CCMJ, but given the responses you shared, quite a lot of response as well.’

11. “When the Bible is read through the eyes of solidarity—what we call the “preferential option for the poor” or the “bias from the margins”—it will always be liberating, transformative, and empowering in a completely different way. Read this way, Scripture cannot be used by those with power to oppress or impress. The question is no longer “How can I maintain my special and secure status?” It is “How can we all grow and change together?” I think the acceptance of that invitation to solidarity with the larger pain of the world is what it means to be a ‘Christian.’”

Yours, Peter

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