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The latest from The Next System Project:
Transformative Cures for a Sick Economy: This week The Next System Project launches “Beyond COVID-19: Prescriptions for Economic Renewal,”  an ongoing symposium of bold ideas for building a new economy from the wreckage of the old. As states resume economic activity after two months under lockdown, the pressure is on to restore the old economy, and with it all of the old inequities and perils to people and planet. Our “Prescriptions” series provokes an urgent debate on how to prevent further harms today and to build a more just and sustainable economy in the months ahead.
Our first set of prescriptions:
Cancel rent and mortgage payments, house the unhoused
Create a state holding company to prevent the leveraged buyout of the real economy
Launch a new era of community wealth building
Let the people design a green stimulus
Use the post office as a banking lifeline
Create a “VA for all”
See all our Prescriptions…

Make public services truly public: Climate and energy researcher Johanna Bozuwa’s essay for Progressive International’s “Blueprint” series argues that any plan for economic renewal “must treat access to basic services like energy and water systems as human rights and public goods, not as commodities to be bought and sold on private markets.” To accomplish that goal, as well as to ensure that our energy and water needs are delivered in a way that protects the planet and rectifies historic inequities, she writes that “we need to reclaim and rebuild our public services.” Read the essay…

A timeline of the move to nationalize fossil fuels: During a remarkable two-month period in which the price of oil at one point literally fell below zero, the argument for nationalizing the fossil fuel industry took on a new resonance. Researcher Juliana Broad has constructed a fascinating, blow-by-blow interactive timeline that captures how an idea on the left edge of public debate gained increased traction in the political debate. See the timeline…

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