Humanity Rising Summit

The sense of our common humanity grows apace. For another great effort at collaboration see below – conference sessions are ongoing.

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Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit
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Humanity Rising Summit launches an international coalition on action for a sustainable post-pandemic world.

For the first time in human history, the whole world has been forced to fight the same threat at the same time. Yet, even as we struggle to cope, this crisis has given us an extraordinary opportunity to build a new world that is more ecologically and socially regenerative, as well as more resilient to future challenges. Let’s rise together and create a new future.

By registering for the #HumanityRising Global Solutions Summit you will gain an all-access pass to online events hosted on the Ubiverse community platform, enjoy presentations from keynote speakers, workshops, group discussions, panels and more. You can also engage in online discussions and access transformational content from various institutions around the world.

#HumanityRising will convene a global coalition of impact players from around the world to share their knowledge and shape the contours of a new world. It does so at a time that can only be described as a truly pivotal moment in human history.

If there is anything this crisis has shown us, it is that these conversations need to happen now and that these conversations must be transformed into real actions that make a difference. By joining the Summit you will be joining a global coalition of stakeholders actively engaged in creating a new future.

As a participant of Humanity Rising you will:
1. Enjoy keynote speakers, workshops and discussion groups that will expand your knowledge of the global condition and allow you to share your ideas and experiences with the global community
2. Expand your networks and reach through the Humanity Rising online community group
3. Share your work and ideas as you help to write a new chapter in human history


As this global crisis unfolds, the calls for a more ecologically and socially regenerative world have grown even louder. The pandemic has provided us with a rare opportunity to take stock of how our lifestyles impact the world and how we can work together to create a sustainable future.

The Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit invites you to join the dialogue and take your place on a global coalition of actors that are committed to action for a better world.

Register for the HumanityRising Summit to gain:
1. Access to all online Summit events including keynote speakers, workshops and live discussions
2. Access to a global community of actors who share the same vision
#HumanityRising convenes a global coalition to share their knowledge and shape the contours of a new world. At this pivotal moment in human history, join the movement and help create a better world.

Join #HumanityRising with @UbiquityU. Help to spread the message!

An international coalition of over 200 leaders from diverse backgrounds and 100 partner organizations representing over 10 million individuals from around the world took part in the Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit on May 22, 2020. The Summit is an initiative of Ubiquity University. The Summit is designed to generate radical collaboration between individuals and organizations dedicated to building a better world. The goal is to have hundreds of organizations participating and collaborating, representing millions of changemakers worldwide.

Each day, the Summit convenes for two hours from 8:00 – 10:00 AM PDT | 5:00 – 7:00 PM CET to engage in presentations, group dialogues and working groups, and will continue for as long as the pandemic lasts. It will feature daily TED Talks-style presentations from influential figures such as Jane Goodall, Charles Eisenstein and Vandana Shiva, as well interactive sessions with leaders from international organizations such as Synergos, Impact HUBS, World Economic Forum, Gaia Education, Humanity’s Team, Ideanco, Masterpeace, Age Nation, Pachamama Alliance, Global Ecovillage Network, Crowdsourcing Week, Heart Ambassadors, Davos Blockbase, Source of Synergy Foundation, and many more. Individuals and organizations are welcome to play a part in the Summit as speakers, panelists, contributors or participants. For more information about registration, participation, speakers, events and more, please visit

The Source of Synergy Foundation is a partnering organization of Humanity Rising: 

The Evolutionary Leaders Circle is a group of thought leaders from diverse disciplines who come together in synergy to help support a shift in consciousness. The Source of Synergy Foundation shares the work of the members in the circle with the public in the spirit of open inquiry through various educational opportunities. These offerings do not represent an official position or endorsement by the members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle or The Source of Synergy Foundation, Inc.

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