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Dear Associates,
I’m a bit dazzled and highly stimulated by current Zooms with relationship to inclusive justice in the context of this quantum world.
1. I’ve just partaken in Claudius’ 2nd international exploration of dynamic Holismwith 38 participants from 8 countries. Some brilliant exegesis of evolution and its challenges post Covid – see:
2. Alan Rayner’s Natural Inclusion thread is widening its network with some exceptional erudition on origins, flowing life and the scale of the needed paradigm shift.  [These two have to learn to recognise common ground in their different terms for their definition!.] – see:
3. Next Friday DLT Publishers have two Zoom rooms with a number of our associates partaking – at 10 am and 3.30:
4. Moeen’s Global Vision 2000 with eZ-Xpo have one next Sunday 9pm – midnight – see:

If you are interested in any of these, make direct contact, or ask me for their access point. Meanwhile, you may care to unravel the contribution below that I made to the first Zoom mentioned:


Am I so naïve to think
that quantum insight is so
neatly contained in the implication
of that simple but demanding double-command
love God and love neighbour,
the flowing whole and all the parts?

That leads us to human complexity
in societal-political- economy’s
blatant ignoring of those twin-commands.
The urgency cannot be overstated
of restoring that inseparability
of the essential creative tension
between God as eternal evolution
and neighbour as every inter-subjective part.


Replace doing our own thing,
as individual group or nation
detecting in their myriad tiers,
of natural inclusion, cosmic, planetary, local,
all earth’s one community expressed
through every varied community’s needs.

Needs are different to wants,
relating always to holistic regeneration,
that gifted generously evolving flow,
stemming from Big Bang through millennia,
settling temporarily in you and me as we,
the full community’s needs,
their linkages in all directions
composing oneness or context,
this sacred earth’s God/neighbourly
single reality of infinite distinguished parts.

Yours as June rushes by, Peter

“I do not read for comfort, I read to be quickened, enlightened and brought to the frontiers of feeling.”

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