Lightly touching upon a profound Quantum awareness

Neither ~ Nor

I am neither this nor that
Nor this and that
On either side of a dividing line

I am the line
That flows and grows
Decays and slows
In continuous motion
From here to there in everywhere
Reconfiguring the grace of space
In every colourful variety

You can call me light
You can call me spark
But you’ll never see me
Without the dark

If you think that places me
All aloneIn self-isolation
In this human world
Divorced from its source…

So be it
But you’ll need to have
Another think coming
Before it’s too long

Alan Rayner   21/7/20

 NB. Alan Rayner approved the use of the illustration to catch the essence of the poem


“Economy and Ecology are both derived from the same word “oikos” our home, both our planetary home as well as the particular places we call home. Yet what is called economy today is destroying our common home.

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