Stir to Action

Dear Associates,
I’ve made a stimulating discovery as we explore and learn to practice Principled-Pragmatism, in relating Both the contextual overview or governance And the local expressions of a genuinely collaborative economy.

I hope a number of you in this network already experience that stimulation from this quarterly and the rich seams of cooperative and collaborative it reports.

STIR – The quarterly magazine of the new Economy

“In a world crowded with opinions but often empty of hope, this magazine is essential reading. You won’t find its combination of provocative  theory and practical example anywhere else.” —Anna Laycock, Finance Innovation Lab

 “This magazine is deeply informative, radically inspiring and totally damn beautiful. This is what I want the future to look like.” NS

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“Economy and Ecology are both derived from the same word “oikos” our home, both our planetary home as well as the particular places we call home. Yet what is called economy today is destroying our common home.

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