[NEW LINK] Research Webinar & Book Launch: Macroeconomic Inequality From Reagan to Trump

Responses to this edition of INET would be welcomed as we persist in efforts to awaken people of the great faiths to the prohibition of usury in its old and proper sense of lending money without taking a share of the risk, which all the great faiths share in their provenance. Peter

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Research Webinar & Book Launch: Macroeconomics Inequality from Reagan to Trump – Authors Lance Taylor & Özlem Ömer
Facilitator & Series Editor Thomas Ferguson
Discussants Pia Malaney Duncan Foley

A discussion and celebration of the first book in INET’s new series “Studies in New Economic Thinking: • New Book Series >Author Interview >Book Summary >

The Tyranny of Merit – Podcast featuring Michael Sandel
Renowned Harvard University professor of philosophy Michael Sandel talks about his new book and how centrist Democrat insensitivity to inequality and the ideology of meritocracy have contributed to right-wing populism, polarization, and distrust in government.

How NAFTA Lost Democrats the South – Article & Working Paper by Gavin Wright
For thirty years after the Civil Rights Act, a sizable share of white Southerners still voted Democrat. That changed when the party embraced trade deals that hurt American workers.

It’s Time for a Debt “Jubilee” – Article by Richard Vague
Why freeing American households and businesses from crippling private debt would be a boon to the economy.

What Happens When a Noted Female Economist Fights Toxic Culture in the Field? – Article by Lynn Parramore featuring Claudia Sahm
Claudia Sahm dares to call out systemic bullying and harassment that drives out talent and compromises science. Perpetrators are not happy.

The Future of Work | What’s at Stake?Upcoming webinar with James Manyika Michael Spence
Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are quickly reaching tipping points, yet our policies, institutions and mindsets are woefully outdated. What will work look like in the future, and how do we secure a future that works for all?

The Upcoming Demographic Shift and What it Means for our Economic Future – Podcast featuring Charles Goodhart Manoj Pradhan
Charles Goodhart, professor emeritus of the financial markets group at the London School of Economics, and Manoj Pradhan, founder of the research firm Talking Heads Macro, talk to Rob about their just released book, The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival.

Globalization’s Discontents – Animation featuring Joe Stieglitz
The promise of globalization is built on a lie, designed to spread risk while concentrating reward. Stiglitz digs into why so many economists and policymakers have twisted the facts in support of this.
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