Mother Pelican: October 2020

Globalized Solidarity & Localized Adaptability:  Note In particular the final extensive challenge by the  Editor, Luis T. Gutiérrez: On the Renewal of Humanity for Social Equity and an Integral Ecologysee full list of articles below.
Peter Challen:
We shouldn’t ask whether we can get out of the structures of an exploitative global mindset so that the planet flows on in its natural rhythms. We must ask how and when

THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY. There is no compatriot or foreigner, there is no urbanite or farmer, there is no white or black or brown; we are all brothers and sisters in our humanity, and we all need ecological conversion because we all share one and the same planet, and there is no planet B. 
On Rational and Sacred Ground – Eileen Crist

Inequality, Poverty, and Injustice: A Problem of Too Much and Not Enough – Jody Tishmack
Without Solidarity, There’s No Survival – Erik Assadourian
The Lure of Imperial Dreams: What Are Our Leaders Going to Do to Us? – Ugo Bardi
Roots of Populism & Vanishing Liberal Democracy – Keith Zeff
Doom or Denial: Is There Another Path? – Richard Heinberg
Nobel Prize-Winning Economics of Climate Change is Misleading and Dangerous – Here’s WhySteve Keen
An Old Solution to a Growing Problem? – João L. R. Abegão
Blaming Climate Change for Problems Caused by Overpopulation – Madeline Weld
Economic Rights and Policies for Equitable Capitalism – Carmine Gorga
In Search of a Political Economy of the Postgrowth Era – Max Koch & Hubert Buch-Hansen
Economic Issues in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections: A Comparison of the Positions of Donald Trump and Joe Biden with Respect to Catholic Social Doctrine – Lorenzo L. Perez
Our Entangled World ~ Who is Feeding Whom? – Rex Weyler
Wealth Transfers, Carbon Dioxide Removal, and the Steady State Economy – Brian Snyder
Europe’s Scramble for Minerals Comes Home – Diego Francesco Marin
Eco-Stalinism: A Tongue-in-Cheek Manifesto – Part 2 – Left and Right – Giorgio Baruchello
Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People – William E. Rees
Creating the Passion to Achieve Rural Resilience – Uche Isieke
The End of Oil is Near, or Maybe Not – Roger Blanchard
What to Do When the World is on Fire – Henry Coleman
Fair Incomes for a Healthy Future: The Sustainable Salaries Act – Ashfia Khan
Are Emotions the Magic Key to Solving Our Global Problems? – Katelyn Dowling
Which God Should Environmentalists Believe In? – Walter Scott Stepanenko
On the Renewal of Humanity for Social Equity and an Integral Ecology – Luis T. Gutiérrez
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