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CCMJ promotes such new books :

Jonathan Bartley's - Subversive Manifesto -Lifting the Lid on God's political Agenda- BRF 2003
Antonia Swinson's - Root of All Evil ? - how to make spiritual values count - St Andrew's Press 2003The Jonathan Schell's - Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence and Will of the People - Penguin. £8.99

and older works like

Peter Selby's - Grace and Mortgage: what it means to be in Christ today;    
Keith Tondeura's - What Jesus said about Money and Possession ;
Credit Action's - wide range of popular writings on money and debt;   
David Jenkins' - Market Whys and Human Wherefores: thinking again about Markets, Politics and People; Cassell 2000
and more that may well appear in Christian Bookshops.

BUT we also bring to your attention many other books written by Christians and people of good faith in their professional capacities: whose significant work does not normally appear in Christian Bookshops such as:-
James Robertson's - Creating New Money;
Michael Rowbotham's - The Grip of Death;
John Tomlinson's - Honest Money; 
Rodney Shakespeare and Peter Challen's - Seven Steps to Justice - NEP 2000; 
James Gibb Stuart's - The Money Bomb;
Michael Hudson's - The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations;
The Dundee Report 1962 - Wealth: a Christian View.        
Margrit Kennedy's 'Interest and Inflation-Free Money - Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth';
Tarek El Diwany's The problem with Interest;
Professor Choudhury's: Muslim and Money, and his new The Islamic-World System - Routledge - for which our member, Rodney Shakespeare has written the Foreword.

See our Reviews section for new publications, such as:

Burdens of debt at personal, corporate, national and international levels and the disregard of biblical teaching on usury are conspiring to create immense social disease.