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Minutes of the annual general meeting of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice held at Christ Church, the John Marshal Hall, Blackfriars Road, London on Saturday 30th October 2004 at 2.30 pm.

Canon Peter Challen opened proceedings with a meditation.

PRESENT Canon Peter Challen (Chairman), Janos Abel, Gian Andreone, Peter Browne, Desmond Cumberland, Melvin Durrant, Edith East, Lotti Henley, Julita Karol, Frank McManus, Donald Martin, George Short, John Westwood and Colin J Whitmill.

APOLOGIES were received and accepted from fourteen people.

MINUTES The minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2003, having been circulated, were taken as read and received. There being no amendments, the minutes were agreed as correct.

MATTERS ARISING Peter Challen advised that John Courtneidge had moved to Canada and had already started a North American Global table discussion group.


Peter Challen said that CCMJ was working along a variety of paths which the name CCMJ had made possible. An indication of the enabling work through CCMJ viewpoint had been an invitation from the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel for him to write a 3,000 article on for Mission and Money for their Theological Briefings. He was also to see a Church of England central officer whose remit included economic affairs, but who admitted that the pressure of emergencies meant he neglected the strategic reflection portion of his work. There were windows of opportunity opening up to wider avenues.Awall chart display on CCMJ Pathways illustrated the breadth and richness of the inititiaves being undertaken by members and associates.

In speaking to the report, Donald Martin asked that the displayed notes of the chairman's address be distributed to members. The secretary agreed to attach them to the minutes.

Frank McManus said the group was very fortunate to have Peter as chairman. He asked that there be at least two mailings to members a year.

Desmond Cumberland presented his report which showed income to have been £340 for the previous year with outgoings of £330-94. The interest gained in the year was £7-96 and had accumulated to £42-59. The secretary said that the disposal of interest had not been made as there had been no appropriate charitable causes brought to notice to which CCMJ could contribute. It was agreed that the CCMJ executive make the decision on the disposal of the interest. Frank McManus asked that CCMJ not retain the interest for any significant length of time.
The Treasurer's report was accepted, subject to final audit.

The chairman vacated the chair and it was taken by the Secretary

Chairman: Frank McManus nominated and Donald Martin seconded Peter Challen for the position. There being no other nominations, the Secretary declared Peter Challen elected whereupon he resumed the chair.

Vice Chairman: Peter Challen nominated, Colin J Whitmill seconded Ken Palmerton for the position. There being no other nominations, the Chairman declared Ken Palmerton elected.

Treasurer: Peter Challen nominated, Gian Andreone seconded Dr Desmond Cumberland for the position. There being no other nominations, Desmond Cumberland was declared elected.

Secretary: Frank McManus nominated, Lotti Henley seconded Colin J Whitmill for the position. There being no other nominations, Colin J Whitmill was declared elected.

Co-opted members of the Executive: The chairman advised that the Executive had co-opted
Andrew Dickie and Frank McManus. Frank McManus was to have special responsibilties as CCMJ northern representative and have authority to call a meeting of northern members.

Frank McManus moved That CCMJ declare a two year moratorium on activities, other than membership building, and campaigning against the 97% scandal. Views for and against this motion were given and it was AGREED that the comments and views expressed be noted.

Colin J Whitmill moved That, noting ambiguities and omissions in the constitution of the CCMJ, the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary be delegated to prepare changes to the constitution, appropriate to concerns expressed, for consideration at the 2005 annual meeting. Various suggestions were made and noted before the notice of motion was AGREED.

The chairman asked and the meeting agreed that CCMJ cooperate with the Christian Ecological Link. The meeting also agreed that:

i) The Chairman be authorised to help churches in Brazil and Switzerland establish an International Free Water Acadamy in Brazil by drawing to their attention that money creation was a root cause of the problem they were facing

ii) CCMJ formally relate to the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust as the 67th NGO concerned with basic income standards and housing.

iii) The Chairman be authorised to write a 3000 words article on Money and Mission for USPG.

i). Discussions take place on the future of the Forum for Stable Currencies with the possibility of greater CCMJ involvement.

Edith East and Lotti Henly were keen to see CCMJ make press releases for various Christian publications.

It was agreed that the next meeting take place on Saturday 29th October 2005.
The meeting was declared closed at 4.15pm.