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Proposal for Interest-Free Money

In conjunction with the range of emphases in CCMJ's network referred to the Chairman's Home Page, and repeated below, the Campaign for Interest Free Money explores the nature of the damage afforded by indecision about the social effects of usury; and relates that to 'the co-operative advantage', which we maintain is intrinsically a Christian concept.
Interest is unnecessary. To end inflation and create wealth, State determined issuance of interest-free (repayable and in most circumstances cancellable) money for investment in:— a) public capital projects, b) private capital projects (if wide participation is involved and to create an element of basic income), c) "green" technology , d) small businesses. In a counter-inflationary situation, debt-free money spent into the economy to keep a stable level of prices and to provide another element of basic income.   
Among members and associates, other starting points for an effective way forward in areas appropriate to their insights and opportunites, are explored, such as:
Universal basic income • Universal capital ownership • Tax Justice • Abolishing tax havens • Land Rents • New forms of Open Capital
• Simultaneous Policy for adopting co-operation as the ordinate motivation of enterprise • People's Pensions • Student Debt
• Tobin Tax • Interest limits • Earnings limits • Financial regulations • Ethical Investment • Barter • Community Currencies • Time Banks

All these are pursued as if people and sustainability mattered.

There is a new website for this proposal, run by Dr John Courtneidge.