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Religious leaders take on the World Bank</strong>
World Bank-financed coal mining and oil drilling
projects often spell disaster for indigenous peoples, sensitive
ecosystems, and entire countries; the profits often prop up oppressive
governments and fuel civil wars (Sudan is only the best-known
A recent World Bank report admitted this and recommended specific,
meaningful reforms, but the Bank's management has now suggested
that it may refuse to listen. More than 100 religious leaders,
including Jim Wallis on behalf of Sojourners, have sent a letter
to urge World Bank President James Wolfensohn to do the right

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other Nobel Laureates wrote to
Wolfensohn to urge him to help stop the war, poverty, climate change,
greed, corruption, and ongoing violations of human rights...all
too often linked to the oil and mining industries

Concerned people can send their own message to Wolfensohn

To read more about how badly designed oil industries lead to corruption,
oppressive governments, and - ironically - increased poverty,
see Christian Aid's report: