Seek Right Future Possibilities – God’s

Ray V. Foss is an elder of the Presbyterian Church, USA, and an associate of the United Methodist Church. Residing in Parkersburg WV, he also supports startup of an Anglican congregation locally.  A former corporate research engineer, he contributed “Debt, Disparity, and Discipleship” to Fellowship magazine’s Winter 2011 theme issue on “Rethinking Money”.

Rev Foss writes: “My call to support CCMJ is to witness, by economic and monetary critiques of Mammon toward SOCIETAL as well as personal salvation, witnessing to the coming Kingdom of God, “… Thy Kingdom come …” – witnessing to futurity, God’s arc into His future for humankind.  USA linkage to CCMJ (via local events) could be part of “God’s Dream” in order to: Seek Right Future Possibilities – God’s:

His 2012 witness to national PC(USA) General Assembly committee on retranslation of Heidelberg Catechism Question 110 on the classification of “usury” (versus “excessive interest”) as theft — in the context of prohibitions by God’s Eighth Commandment — is described by as “What difference does one word make?” –

An abiding commitment to peacemaking led to his engagement with systemic monetary assumptions and their adverse economic consequences. In 2014, he produced a monologue dramatization of Jesus cleansing the Temple, “The Repentant Moneychanger” (online). “Jesus Cleanses the Temple”

In 2016, he wrote the Introduction in “GALATIANS – Backstory / Christory”, the book by Phillip A. Ross including discernment on interrelationships between both SOCIETAL salvation as well as personal salvation (excerpt online as sidebar, “About The Book” at …)
Be well.  Be blessed.  Amen.

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