Update on PODnet

Dear CCMJ Associate,
I trust you are well and your life is thriving. I have just received this fascinating update from a CCMJ associate in Canada – a fine example of what we have named and emphasised as a key to all action -. Principled- Pragmatism in their constant creative tension!  P-P is of course derived from the supreme creative tension of both loving God and all relationships within ever emergent life. 

Out of the Principle of the sacredness of the planet, Richard Nelson has beavered away for many years on the pragmatic potential of creating housing and food supply directly from the sun’s energy ….and in all climatic conditions.  I hope the update below, and its attached illustrations, will be of interest to you AND that you might know of UK links that could help Richard revive interest in this significant pioneering…… see the request in his final paragraph. His early initiatives in the UK were stifled when, in the search for funding, he accepted help that gave commercial rivals the opportunity to suffocate the work in the UK. Richard then found the support needed in Norway, Iceland and Canada. I hope this also triggers more reports of initiatives being taken in our shared trusteeship – as Richard ends ‘in service to the whole of life.

From: Richard Nelson <solaroof@gmail.com>, Date: 12 March 2018 at 22:05
Subject: Feedback and update, To: Peter Challen <peterchallen@gmail.com>Dear Peter,
Thank you for keeping in touch and including me on your list.I hope you are well and blessed in all your activities. I’m grateful for your untiring service to the whole of life, your efforts for stewardship of God’s glorious creation planet Earth and the whole of the universe. My hope is for Humanity’s alignment with the will of God; that we might be Kingdom Builders manifesting the promise of our Lord’s Prayer “on Earth as it is in heaven”.

Through God’s grace of invention I am making my best efforts to demonstrate how, in living in harmony with God’s creation, all of humanity may experience abundance, peace and the security of living in God’s sustaining presence.

This sacred architecture, an ecological architecture, brings life outside to the inside of our built environment thus enriching our relationship with the whole of life and bringing Humanity into a harmony with nature. Everyone, everywhere may have the experience of regenerative life support, which is the material blessing of Life supporting life, to sustain generations without End.

The example of the Pod Enterprise Network, PODnet, and the platforms that we are developing is intended to pioneer this ecological architecture of the future. We look towards dwellings and communities of sacred design, which remove the limitations which have been imposed upon men because of their separation from God and isolation from Creation.

PODnet is a local to global OpenSource collaboration already attracting engagement of several teams in a few countries as early adopters of the SolaRoof technology, which is the key enabling innovation. Our pioneering work is proceeding through the phase of Proof Of Concept (POC) at this time, with a few concurrent, connected, International, interdisciplinary and with a few concurrent, connected, International, disciplinary POC Projects (adopting the WikiPOD, see attached images) underway and seeking to be examples that stimulate viral proliferation of our vital solution to the Food+Energy+Water Crisis.

I have no active teams in the UK at this time and I seek to engage with talented and skillful, aware people who can mobilise locally to participate in this global movement for local food as the foundation for sustainable living. Please invite people to connect with our social Enterprise hub in Iceland: www.PODnet.is

In service to the whole of life,

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