Golden Rule Day: 5th April 2018

THIS ANNOUNCEMENT HAS VALUE IN ITSELF, BUT it is also a reminder that in the collaborative evolving of  CCMJ, THE LONDON GLOBAL OPEN TABLE and ICUK, the inseparable double commitment to both GOD [all Creativity for the Common Good] and NEIGHBOUR [all right relationships?] THE WHOLE AND ALL THE PARTS ARE ONE AND EXIST IN RICH  DIVERSITY. LET ALL OUR ACTIONS LIE WITHIN THAT UNDERSTANDING. Peter

In 2011, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon declared April 5 as International Golden Rule Day. Now, organizations around the world are teaming up to remind us all that the Golden Rule still matters. Of the hundreds of versions of the Golden Rule, this one was chosen:
Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated. 
On Thursday, April 5, the world is invited to participate in a 24-hour global webcast devoted to the Golden Rule. All programming will be streamed through Facebook Live and The Shift Network website. The programming, live and pre-recorded, will focus on peace, compassion, kindness, caring for our Earth, and the power of the Golden Rule to change each of us and the world. Everything will start at 10:00pm Pacific on April 4 — which is the evening of April 5 in Japan and Australia — and end at 10:00pm Pacific on April 5.
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