Unbelievable/ New Party/ Ubuntu

a] In a new book, UNBELIEVABLE – Why Christianity  Must Change or Die’,  Bp. John Shelby Spong has thrown down a gauntlet. We must all appraise it and its interpretation, however painfully, and with genuinely open minds. CCMJ associates are trying to express our evaluation of Christian faith today without using the language adopted by the hierarchical institutional grip and static language. How can there be any “grip” in life’s potentiality for change through the ever-flowing creativity when gripped by borders, denominations  and petrified language.

b] Please note the New Party proposal from Simon Frank’s FFF and consider its position in relation to ours in ICUK. ICUK represents a fundamental stage deeper, premised in universal principles as context for UK application in the redesigning of the foundations of all Public Policy within which all have a place with both rights and responsibilities.  That Public Policy will be sought not by a revolution against an enemy, but a transformation by ‘using the system, to become the system, to change the system, to generate [not restore which gives a false picture] trust.

c] From a CCMJ associate: Another interpretation of ‘Ubuntu’:  related to the Journey referred to it Emmaus and read in many churches yesterday:-


On the streets
of anywhere
lives a man.
The same man.

Homeless and
alone in
the world.

The tears that
fill his eyes
go by silent,
and unnoticed.

Tears that cry out
for a simple
glimpse of
the certainty
that he’s
a brother
to us all.

That he belongs.

But you and I
dare not look.
Lest we catch
such a glimpse.

A glimpse that
might show us
the frailty of
our own

A glimpse that
might admit that
we are, and
always have been,
more than brothers.

 Your comments on a], b] and c] are warmly welcomed – Peter

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