Introducing CLIENT EARTH

Since posting this an associate has asked me to share this clarion call: Introducing  CLIENTEARTH  – Working together – working with nature – Earth as teacher.

An environmental lawyer, James Thornton, explains the philosophy that inspires him, how it can inform new law, and where a new ecological civilisation may be taking shape. The Earth is the client of any principled lawyer. ‘ClientEarth’ is 10 years old and has a hundred staff. The Earth is always telling the positive story – the recovery of which was the hope of the interdisciplinary ‘Gaia Atlas of Planet Management – for today’s caretakers of tomorrow’s world, in 1985.’

Intelligence that inheres in the Earth systems, and in 3 1/2 billion years of life evolving, can be heard in environmental science. That science needs to be worked into public policy, then into law. We should be telling the stories that illustrate what Buddhists call the three mental poisons: greed, and anger and ignorance.

It is only in the last 40 years that the number of wild animals living on earth has been reduced by 50%, and we have entered the sixth extinction. If we are to create the world we want, we need to change our story. Now is the time to develop the ‘resilience theory’, an exciting young discipline within ecology. It grew from the study of forests. Scientists started by thinking that the fate of a forest was controlled by annual cycles of rain, pest infestations, and so on but studying deeply, they found that the opposite is true. They learned that it is the longer cycles that control the shorter.

Because the current story places no value on anything other than growth, and gives us no role other than as consumers, it does not hold within it the seeds of a positive vision. The forest controls the trees, which control the leaves, which controls the whole ecological system. We must be part of building a culture-changing vision, an ecological civilisation – one in which everyone of us begins to feel responsibility of our shared home, planet Earth

In the service of this sacred planet by all its people:



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