Transformative Action

A magnificent description of a Principled-Pragmatism available to anyone

Dear CCMJ Associates,
I attach a significant example of one of our associates pursing the universal principle of serving the Common Good by practical application of his faith and his talents in the invention of a food production system for any climate, and even in your own back yard!!

It’s a long article and if you resist that, read the final two or three paragraphs to get the brilliance and magnanimity of the initiative.  I believe that will inspire you to read the entire testimony; thereby being encouraged in your own commitment to serve the Common Good.
All this is part of our contemporary application of the persistently repeated call ‘Thy Kin[g]dom come, thy will be done’. I hope it will also inspire others to report their application of universal principle to local practicalities:  Transformative Action – Solaroof 11-1-19
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