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A life-affirming initiative to note on Advent Sunday and then to follow its course.It is a practical reminder of the significance of incarnation, the kingdom-building potential in us all.

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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 at 05:53
Subject: Launch of “Social Housing, Affordable Rents & Elimination of Homelessness Bill”.
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Taxpayers Against Poverty
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Launch of “The Social Housing, Affordable Rents & Elimination of Homelessness Bill” – Monday 16 December 2019, 14:00 – 17:00, Convocation Hall, Church House, Deans Yard, Westminster. SW1P 3NZ – View Map

TAP’s Bill enables urgent and immediate action by national & local government.Homeless people dieing on the streets is preventableNext government must link affordable rents to adequate incomes. Not to unaffordable 80% of high market rents which inevitably create debt, hunger, homlessness & ill health.…/the-homeless-fund-nearly-150-p…
TAP is working with and for homeless families in temporary.  They have been there for up to and over ten years. They cannot wait another ten years while enough truly affordable housing is built; even one more year is too long: REGISTER

This seminar is sponsored by Taxpayers Against Poverty
partnered with Compassion in Politics
Chaired by Debbie Abrahams (MP) 
Rev Paul Nicolson – “Why this seminar now?”
Dan Tomlinson, Resolution Foundation, “Housing and inequality in the UK – Inequality street”
Professor Loretta Lees.“The impacts of demolishing council estates and why we need more council homes”. This talk will present evidence collected from a 3 year Economic and Social Research Council funded project on the impacts of council estate renewal in London and a University of Leicester funded project on eviction/dispossession cases in Lambeth County Court where I shadowed solicitors acting as duty advisers for the court.
Ian Wise QC “The Social Housing, Affordable Rent and Elimination of Homelessness Bill”.
Response from Local Councillors.

The Bill was drafted by Ian Wise QC on a brief written by Professor Richard Murphy based on a discussion at a meeting of the Lumen Group, who are concerned about housing policy. The seminar will be chaired by Debbie Abrahams MP the chair of both the APPG on Health in all Policies and the APPG on Compassion in Politics.

According to the House of Commons Library the most recent quarterly statistics recorded 84,740 households were in temporary accommodation in England at the end of March 2019, a colossal a 77% increase since December 2010, where the use of temporary accommodation hit its lowest point since 2004. The 84,740 households include 126,020 children. Of these households, 56,280 (66% of the total) were placed in temporary accommodation by London local authorities. There are no plans at National, Mayoral or Local level to permanently to house the ever growing number of homeless families in temporary accommodation or the street homelessness. The Bill places a duty to correct that injustice on local and central government.

We are aiming to hit the ground running about the dire state of the housing market immediately after the election and to connect with the seasonal Christmas concern about poverty and homelessness. Then we will continue the campaign relentlessly in the New Year.

We suggest that financing the local authorities to buy and refurbish empty properties and to buy land for the building of truly affordable homes for the homeless will involve government and private sector lending and the use of quantitative easing. We are proposing the large scale financing of the elimination of homelessness in England. The bill places a duty to end homelessness on both central and local government.

I am working with a group of 180 homeless families in Tottenham who have been parked in temporary accommodation in blocks of council flats due for demolition. They have no idea about if, when or where they will offered a permanent home. Such families in Haringey are homeless for an average of eight and half years. A leisurely building programme with take another ten years to house them permanently in truly affordable homes if ever. There are no plans in Haringey permanently to house the nearly 3000 families in temporary accommodation in the borough.

Rev Paul Nicolson
The good  health and wellbeing of all UK citizens in or out of work must now become a national priority. 
No citizen without an affordable home and anadequate income in work or unemployment.
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