From Cultural Tyranny to Co-Creative Community

Dear Associates,
I attach an eloquent and penetrating article, which I hope you will value and extend. I sought permission for its distribution with this note… and received a positive reply by return.

Would you allow me to send your fine ‘turning of the leaf’ wisdom to my networks in the format attached  – that is with no reference to your name until having absorbed the inherent wisdom, individuals can then find the attribution under the URL reference at the end. 
I ask this because for 20 years our voluntary London Global Open Table [now a network, not a focal forum] has been wrestling with the dictum ‘Nothing is impossible if you don’t mind who gets the credit,’ The importance of which is to let wisdom seep in through any language or jargon in which it is extended to the recipient while avoiding initial conscious or unconscious pre-judgement based on the author’s name affixed. We sometimes add AOR to quotes, meaning author on request. 

Please make the most of this fine piece: From Cultural Tyranny to Co-Creative Community.

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