Structures & Money in Transition

The need for system change described succinctly…..

We don’t stop our personal drives by entering also into collaboration on the large scale. Without a critical mass to counter them, the old systems will soon recalibrate and hasten us all towards eco-cide. Responses welcomed.  Peter

“We have to move beyond what is wrong to how to “put things right” and that cannot be done within the existing institutional framework from the top down. It is only possible through co-creative development within families, communities and beyond that begins to alter the power dynamics within those institutions, ie. where the leadership is no longer in control but following the Zeitgeist and incentives to cooperate. Because to run counter to the collaborative paradigm will be penalised, not through punishment but through structural disadvantage.  Currently, the competitive political economy is characterised by STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE which is embedded into the power dynamic. Structural violence isn’t just manifest in the reality and threat of physical abuse and destruction but is also financial, psychological, emotional and spiritual. To eliminate structural violence, we need an incentive system which rewards collaboration rather than competition which is the subject of our next paper. The concept of decentralising money and consequently structures is introduced in Structures and Money in Transition.” Clive Menzies

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