World Council of Churches

The challenge to the WCC and other ecumenical faith groups

It’s a long way down the current list of their immediate concerns, but in their latest report – As COVID-19 presents a prophetic moment, adopt an Economy of Life, urge global religious groups – the WCC does realise that there is a fundamental challenge to us all to play a part in ensuring that what emerges from the pandemic is a structurally sound ‘Economy of Life.’ It must be determined on a global scale.

However, there is no direct reference  to:
– the scale and iniquity of a usurious monetary system [which all the greatest faith interpretations have sometime emphasised]
– the sheer scale of the theft of the Commons. [Ponder the thought that God/Creativity is embarrassed by possession!]

And there is no serious questioning of the assumption that we can stay with command systems that have no interest in pressing acknowledgement and implementation of the dignity for all in co-operative forms of democracy.

Have you any points of contact where you could press these matters in your own words to alert adherents to all the great faiths of the need for such fundamental structural change?We have a unique opportunity to raise public awareness and commitment to action or persuasion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new urgency to adopting an “Economy of Life,” and global religious groups that represent millions of people are saying now is the time.

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