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From: Michael, Basic Income Conversation <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 at 08:00
Subject: Help us build the case for Basic Income
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Peter Challen, 
The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Select Committee are calling for evidence as it considers Universal Basic Income (UBI) as one of the solutions for dealing with the changes in the world of work. This is your chance to share your story of why you support Basic Income. 
The coronavirus crisis has rapidly accelerated trends towards automation as businesses change the way they operate, not just during lockdown, but most likely forever. Many jobs have been lost and it’s unknown how many will return and in what form. 
Basic Income would be a way of ensuring people have enough money to live on during this sudden shock to the labour market and can be the foundation of a newly reform social security system that helps people transition to the changing world of work. 
But we urgently need you to contribute to the debate. We can’t let this conversation be solely led by researchers and academics. It’s important MPs on the Committee hear from you. 
That’s why Basic Income Conversation is partnering with the UBI Lab Network and Basic Income UK to gather people’s stories from across the UK about how Basic Income would impact our lives. 
We’re asking you to fill out a quick survey on how Basic Income would impact your work. It should only take a few minutes but the deadline is the 21st June! We will collate and submit everyone’s survey responses as part of our evidence to the Committee. 
Click here to complete the survey. We’ll keep you updated with progress. 
Best, Michael
Director, Basic Income Conversation 
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