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Building a huge collaboration

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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 08:16
Subject: Over to You
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We have assembled a huge coalition of business groups, trade unions, faith leaders and NGOs to demand we #BuildBackBetter. Now we need you to come on board too.

Peter Challen,There are times in our lives when we really have to stand up and be counted. Such a time is right now.
The Covid crisis has revealed the precarity and insecurity of our social system. But it has also shown people at their best – their ingenuity and commitment to making our society better.
But to really make this a turning point for our whole society demands what’s been called ‘extreme collaboration’. That’s why today Compass, leading with a number of other great organisations, launches #BuildBackBetter.
We have helped bring together the CBI, the TUC, bishops, rabbis and 350 campaign organisations to demand that we #BuildBackBetter.
And not for some toothless statement that no one could object to, but to call for a much stronger, greener and fairer society.Sign The StatementNow it’s over to you to help turn a statement into a movement for real change. Please co-sign the statement and share with with your organisations, networks, and friends.
Visions, ideas, policies, campaigns and networks for change will all come next.  But today the job is to sign and share.  You made this possible.  Compass would be nothing without you.  
Thank you for all you do.
Yours in hope and anticipation,
Neal, Frances, Remco, Grace, and Jack  
Compass – Together for a Good Society
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