Mother Pelican: July 2020

Another set of strong reflections.
Good to let the network know of any that you find of particular merit or clarity
– Peter
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The World’s Gone Missing by John J. Thatamanil
The World as a Giant Lego Tower by Federico Tabellini
Convenience, Community, and Late-Stage Capitalism by Damaris Zehner
Extraordinary Popular Delusions: Endless Bull Markets and Mining on the Moon by Kurt Cobb
Now Is the Time for a Revolution, Inner & Outer ~ Part 1: An Evolutionary Turning-Point from Domination to Unity by Kavita Byrd
Now Is the Time for a Revolution, Inner & Outer ~ Part 2: An Evolutionary Leap from Divisiveness to Connectedness by Kavita Byrd
The Crisis of the Corona Virus ~ A Deeper Sense by José Antonio Solís-Silva
White Supremacism and the Earth System by Nafeez Ahmed
The Return of Merchant Capital by Marcel van der Linden & Jan Breman
Many Other Curves Need Flattening: Population is One by Joseph Bish
COVID-19: Neoliberalism is Not Going Down Without a Fight by Daniel Vargas-Gómez
Nobody Takes the Renewable Energy Transition Seriously by Richard Heinberg
Social Justice and Sustainability in the Steady State by Brian Snyder
Increased Violence Reflects an Energy Problem by Gail Tverberg
The Financialization of the End of the World by Kurt Cobb
Overshoot: Population Density is the Other Side of the Coin by Lucia Tamburino
Capitalism is Destroying ‘Safe Operating Space’ for Humanity by Nafeez Ahmed
A Dark Night of Body and Soul ~ Could This Happen Soon? by Carlos Cuellar Brown
Making Sense of Climate Scenarios: New Toolkit Available for Decision Makers by Volker Krey & Ansa Heyl
For a Social, Ecological, Economic, and Intercultural Pact for Latin America by Pacto Ecosocial del Sur
I am: Gender, Race, Culture, Community, and Environment by Derek G. Ross
From Obedience and Shame to Freedom and Belonging: Transforming Patriarchal Paradigms of Child-Rearing in the Age of Global Warming by Miki Kashtan
Reforming Mentor Relationships by Rereading Genesis 1–3 by Patricia Williams
The Paradox of Religious Patriarchy and the Golden Rule by Luis Gutiérrez

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Luis T. Gutiérrez
Mother Pelican Journal
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