FAIRER SHARE has gone live – to Land Value Taxation in two stages!

We have gone live with Fairer Share – the overarching policy is here. We abolish Council Tax, Stamp Duty and Bedroom Tax and replace them with The Proportional Property Tax (as Institute for Fiscal StudiesIEAIPPRResolution Foundation and many others have recommended). Here is a quick 3-minute introductory video. Overall the policy is tax neutral but in effect, multi-property owners, foreign owners, the wealthier property owners in London will pay more. This policy reduces tax bills for those outside London by £6.5 billion each year. This theme talks to the Government’s commitment to “levelling up”.

We are pleased that the editors of the Yorkshire Post and the Doncaster Echo have already picked up on our story.  We have a high street videocalculatorpetitionFAQs and manifesto (attached).  Over 25,000 households have signed the petition in the first 5 weeks. We remain committed to LVT and believe the best route is through a two-step process. Trying to move to land value in one step would have been very challenging. Money spent on the campaign might be wasted and with it the chance to reduce bills for millions of households. We have an exciting campaign in place and hope that the outcome of this will be to mobilise public support for a fair and proportionate property tax.

Would be great if we can work together on this. 
Regards, Andrew Dixon

Glad to know who keeps in touch with this initiative.

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