Reclaiming the Commons – by Vandana Shiva

Dear Friends: 
A landmark publication
Vandana Shiva : announcing that Reclaiming the Commons : Biodiversity, Indigenous Wisdom, and the Rights of Mother Earth – is now available for purchase! Shiva lays out the scientific, legal, political, and cultural struggle to defend the sovereignty of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Corporate war on nature and people through patents and corporate Intellectual Property Rights has unleashed an epidemic of biopiracy resulting in important legal battles fighting efforts to patent the rights to many plants, including basmati, neem, and wheat.

The book goes beyond the legal struggle to position the necessary solutions to corporate control including exploring the Rights of Nature and proposing a framework for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth. It is the first detailed legal history of the international and national laws related to biodiversity and Intellectual Property Right. 

Hope to hear from anyone who is able to read this book.

Unfold the Essence of Eternal Energy within each and every one of us, that many call God . We were born of that energy or spirit and we carry its potential within us every day, which many define as incarnation. 

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