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Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 at 16:14
Subject: Dealing with Despair
To: Peter Challen <>

The latest from the Simpol Campaign. View this email in your browserDear Peter
I woke up this morning, stoked by a fresh fire in my belly, knowing that ultimately Simpol can’t fail. This, when the shadows of doubt and despair are forever lurking in the periphery, not only of my consciousness, but in the collective. Reading newsfeeds hardly requires extra sensitivity to feel the vague discomfort of fight or flight creeping into my chest. As a team our conversations often gravitate towards the graveness of our plight. We have a strategy, but do we have time?
Yet, here I am, rediscovering my place in time, in a role that I am honoured to fulfil in service of history. How can I say this, when we have no guarantee that Simpol will succeed? We are driven by our conviction that the implementation of a simultaneous policy strategy is an absolutely neccessary condition for the possibility to address global problems. Yet, in a perpetually ego-driven world, our voice remains surprisingly difficult to comprehend. Or so it seems.
In talking about Simpol I am mostly met with an incredulous stance from people who are, I guess, protecting their own credibility in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to believe anymore. People who would rather wait until they know Simpol can succeed, before they will support it. No one likes to feel like a fool.
So how did I find meaning in the uncertainty? How can I say there can be no failure? Because, those good ideas in history that were eventually replaced by another better idea, still paved the way. And brilliant ideas that were ‘stolen’, without crediting the originator, still got implemented. And ideas that disappear, are not necessarily bad ideas. We at Simpol love healthy competition among ideas! It is destructive global competition that we abhor. Therefore, being in the game, suppporting a project that has a clearly defined plan how to drive governments to cooperate to bring global markets back under democratic control and accountability – all driven by citizens like you and I… is a no-brainer. I want to be in the game. This is my answer to the question from future generations who ask: “so what did you do…?” This is my service to history and our future collective evolution. Herein I can not fail, regardless of the outcome. Regardless of what the future may still teach us.
In other words, I had a small epiphany when I realised my commitment to Simpol is truly not dependent on the outcome. It stems from a belief in what we strive for. As part of a bigger whole. Both in place and in time. And I am not alone, as a team our efforts are informed by a practice of non-attachment to outcome, while still trusting our intention of making a real difference in the world. We are in the business of co-creation. And this is our antidote to despair.
That said, the Simpol team is ready to take the campaign to the next level, and we hope that you will be joining us. Currently we are a small group of volunteers driving the initiative, but we would need to grow in a few areas to enhance our visibility – mainly fundraising and development. If you have time and skills available, and my words resonated with you, then please reach out.
We would also like to hear more from you Peter, and what attracted you to Simpol. Where do you find hope in these times? We would like to invite you to join our Facebook community, where you can meet other supporters and share ideas. We will also be launching ways for more interactive engagement from our side. Ultimately we would like every supporter to feel empowered in talking about cooperative global governance. Simpol is not only a strategy and a tool – it is made up of us, for us.
We look forward to hear from you soon, and as always, please share this and help to bring a way of implementing the change that is needed.

Lila and the Simpol team.
(Lila Bosman is the Simpol National Coordinator in South Africa)

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