CCMJ revisited in 2020

From a Sunday worth-ship session

What is the fundamental flow that the Christian Council  for Monetary Justice tries to promote attractively? My participation in our search for a collaborative, trans-disciplinary recovery of inclusive justice is running down.  So, I ask each one of you how does the cause of CCMJ get communicated for its fundamental wisdom? And what is that wisdom? Please make time to ponder and to respond.

The western mind and the ‘Free Market’ have closed the door 
1.    On sharing, as its Trustees and Stewards, the planetary Commons as life’s gift and the gift of life.
2.    On money as a measure of true value, not a commodity in itself. 
3.    The rigidity and closed boundaries of institutions defined by hierarchies of power-over others and not by encouragement of the dignity of all in genuine co-operation within this planet’s natural rhythms.
1.     CCMJ adopted Principled-Pragmatism as vitally reflecting the inseparability of ‘Loving God and Neighours’ – the first making the second inclusive in intention in both pairs. 
2.     It follows that Prophetic – Pastoral sensitivities are vital to each other and actually divisive if treated as either-or.
3.     1 and 2 are basic pairs in the Both-And insistence of Quantum Insight about Prior Unity.
4.     All life oscillates inexorably between the Intimate, Corporate and Global perspectives in which we humans live interdependently. Any ‘theological audit’ of individual or collective activity measures that ‘3 gear’ understanding of [and our ‘standing under’]  their inter-dependence or inter-subjectivity.
5.     Each perspective has undeniable impact upon the others in various time-spans in every aspect of the synergy of planet earth
6.     The ‘Atlas of Planet Management – for today’s Caretakers of Tomorrow’s World’ and the great scriptures (including the Bible) are all bold, exploratory, complementary treasuries of human searching for eternal wisdom vested in unquenchable energies persistently expressed in the limited time span of all material patterning of that creative energy and its incessant rhythms. 
7.     “If you can’t chart it you won’t stand under it’ and so will not be seen to affirm all life as part of the mystic flow of eternal energy through material forms revealed long ago by mystics and now by quantum physics and then by the  philosophy and theology it stirs to the surface of our human minds again.
8.     Three key clues to what must change 
– the end to all theft of the commons – which creates the false ‘rentier’ economy
– the end to taking interest – without sharing risk and reward – Usury.
– the end to hierarchies of power-over to form cooperative teams 
9.     Words we must make commonplace:
–         INDIGENOUS – originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native, awareness of reliance on nature’s energies.
–         SYNERGY – the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
–         SYMBIOTIC– denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups within nature’s incessant flow.
10.                Free-market ideology is a double lie.
First, in the sense that its central claim is false. Acting selfishly does not maximize group well-being. Modern evolutionary awareness makes this clear. 
Second, in the sense that it does not lead to greater freedom and autonomy. Quite the opposite. It also perpetuates unjust inequalities.

The evidence CCMJ has accumulated suggests that free-market thinking actually leads to greater obedience and subordination. The spread of free-market thinking goes hand in hand with the growth of hierarchies of ‘power-over’ others. Free-market ideology is about ‘power-over’ in the name of [a false understanding] of freedom’. CCMJ recognises the challenge we all face …. 
Econocide is as Ecocide, ‘destruction of the natural environment, especially when deliberate.’

Please link the work of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and its advocacy in any way you can to this present exceptional opportunity. With the universal values we espouse in mind we often referred to our voluntary association as the Common Council for Monetary Justice. Let’s move onwards together in this vital cause. There are many associated initiatives known to us; such as Land Research Trust, Astraea, the Holos Project; Critical Thinking, Noah, Champions of Earth, Positive Money, the Natural Inclusion thread, STIR, Demos, 3LM, CE4J, Henry George Fdn, SIMPOL, the Global Elders, Solaroof, Compass, the Constitutional Movement, DEAL, Progressive Christianity, Feasta, Co-ops UK, Political Theology Network, NewEconomics Foundation, GreenNewDeal, TaxJusticeNetwork, ZacTaxCampaign, Biologos…… and many more associated, acknowledged and encouraged initiatives. Each is valued and pragmatic.What will bind them into a viable and urgent principled critical mass thrusting for deep systemic change in our trusteeship of this symbiotic planet? 
One major outcome of wrestling with these gathered insights lies in . This is a site I hope you will explore and encourage as elections lie ahead. ICUK is pertinent and pragmatic. It does not, in the view of many of us, lay adequate emphasis upon or provide evocative imagery to make clear the vital cosmic context now impacting on many people with the glaring build up of the details of climate change.
Yours in our shared trusteeship of this sacred planet,

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